About The Project

Supported by  Istanbul Development Agency( ISTKA), RATEM Academy aims to meet qualified employees needs and to fill the scientific resources gap in the field of radio and television broadcasting across Turkey close regional arena.

Expected to be completed by September, 2012 , the project includes research center for broadcasting, e-library, face to face and remote educations systems.

Expected results:

  • To make employees qualified  by gaining minumum knowledge, practice and experience and culture level required for digital broadcasting
  • To contibute to centralize Istanbul  in the field of  broadcasting sector
  • To determine national and international standards  as basic standards for plans and projects in the future
  • By increasing quality of broadcasting, to make radio and television a much more efficient way of communication
  • To fulfill works setting a ground for legislation changes in line with the EU Harmonization Framework
  • To advance broadcasting standards by  improving corporate capacity and to develop qualified broadcasting service
  • To raise an awaraness for copyright in broadcasting in terms of supporting of roduction and development of  creative applications
  • To be in cooperation with universities by considering scientific aspects of roadcasting
  • To make local, regional and  national broadcasters aware of their differences and to creat close relations among them by allowing  opportunities for cooperation.