About Us
yönetim kurulu

RATEM (Proffesional Union of Broadcasters), was established to produce permanent solutions for Radio and Television Broadcasting, to follow and protect rights based on 5846 Numbered Law of Intellectual Property Rights, to combine radio and television broadcasters under the same roof and to conduct required studies so as  to realize targets with an intensive program.

By means of successful project activities, RATEM has achieved to be voice of the whole broadcasting sector by support of not only its members but also national and local broadcasters within 6 years. There are 252 television organizations in total including 16 regional and 213 local organizations and 1090 radio organizations in total including 36 national, 102 regional organizations and 952 local organizations that applied to Radio and Television High Council for licence in terrestrial broadcasting.  Currently, there are  806 
RATEM members from  radio and television  organizations.